My wikifolio “Global Stock Picking” was established in September 2019. A wikifolio is a portfolio that anybody can invest in via the Stock Exchange at Stuttgart. You find more info on the wikifolio website.

At the moment my wikifolio “Global Stock Picking” contains several growth posisitons. These positions are classified as Satellites in my strategy (norwegian). The Satellite positions are a minor share of my total portfolio and more risky than the Core positions. It is expected that there will be high volatility. Some positions included in the wikifolio could go to zero. Through the wikifilio I have the possibility to invest into several minor positions without that trading fees influencing performance too much. The trading idea is that equities that develop positiv can compensate for the losses of other positions. This wikifolio was issued in june 2021 and is investable since than.

When I am writing this in January 2022, the wikifolio is on its lowest point since it was established i 2019. Nevertheless this bloggpost considers the status pr December 2021.

The accumulated performance for the Global Stock Picking wikifolio is 5.2% pr December, or 2.2% on an annually basis. I’m not satisfied with this performance, but focus on patience at the moment. I commented on this also in my annual letter for 2021.

At its highs the wikifolio had a performance about 20%, the high watermark for 2022 is at 105,9. The wikifolio is 100% invested in equities. Following equities are included pr 31.12.2021.

The weighting of the different equities has changed siginificantly through the last month. The plan is to rebalance the wikifolio every summer, next time in July 2022. Than I will focus on the equities that have bigger share than 15% and a lower share than 3%. It is also planned to substitute the weakest position with a new one. That are a lot of plans and it is possible that plans change along the way.

Here are some key figures that confirm the weak development in the last months.

The journey with my own issued wikifolio continues, I will comment quaterly on the development on the blogg. I would be happy if some would join this journey – either as investors, ambassadors and/or as discussion partners. I also write about my total portfolio on twitter.