Tobinvest is my private project about investments and finance. The project consists of my personal investments in the financial market. Investments are made through private brokerage accounts,, and my investment company Tobinvest AS.

I use this website and social media to share my assessments and interact with friends and those interested. There, I share my investment ideas and regularly report portfolio status. I focus on investments in publicly traded stocks and funds. My goal is to build wealth that provides a stable return for retirement.

The selection of stocks and funds is based on my personal assessments. The allocation between stocks and funds is regularly evaluated and rebalanced as needed.

Following the financial market is a hobby, and I aim to broaden my horizons to develop my skills. I will create my own strategy and test it in the market. Additionally, my public contributions will commit me to follow the strategy and base my transactions on rational assessments.

I seek inspiration and comments on the topic from all interested parties. My posts are not buy/sell recommendations for others. Stock market investments involve significant risks, and it is possible to lose invested amounts and more. I do not take responsibility for any potential losses incurred by others.