What is wikifolio.com?

Wikifolio offers a platform where you can turn the trading strategies of various investors into your own. Established in 2012, it has become Europe’s leading online platform, providing a space for both private and professional investors to share their trading strategies. These traders, ranging from full-time investors to successful entrepreneurs and experts from diverse sectors, create virtual portfolios known as wikifolios. You can easily track and replicate these strategies by investing in the corresponding collateralized wikifolio certificates. This allows you to mirror the performance of experienced investors in your own portfolio. It’s a smart investment option for those who value insights from a diverse range of market players (information from wikifolio.com).

Global Stock Picking Tobinvest

Trading Idea

The Global Stock Picking Tobinvest wikifolio aims to invest globally in stocks and ETFs. The primary focus will be on the American, German, and Norwegian financial markets.

Interesting investments may be identified based on a low price-to-earnings ratio, high dividends, and/or strong revenue growth. Purchases and sales are intended to be primarily the result of fundamental analyses. The plan is to use the quarterly financial reports of current companies as the basis for these analyses. Additionally, other publicly available information from various websites, such as onvista, traderfox, or various podcasts, may be considered. The individual analyses can then be compared with publicly available analyses.

Dividends can only be taken into account if they occur in the wikifolio.

It is planned to differentiate the timing of purchases in the wikifolio to avoid concentration.

The holding period for investments is intended to be long-term. Rebalancing will be considered several times a year. If the development in the invested companies is fundamentally different from the time of purchase or if better investment opportunities arise, the holding period may be shorter.

The cash position is flexible and will be adjusted to minimize risk/optimize results.


The wikifolio was created in September 2019 and the belonging investment certificate was issued in January 2021.

My journey with the Wikifolio continues, and I plan to provide quarterly updates on its progress through the blog. I would greatly appreciate if others would consider joining me on this journey – whether as investors, ambassadors, or discussion partners.