Defining the Goal

Build an investment portfolio that outpaces inflation, securing annual returns higher than 5%.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

To stay on track, I’ve set three KPIs as my guiding stars:

  • Annual Saving Target
  • Minimizing portfolio turnover rate
  • Being fully invested

Meeting these targets ensures I’m not just treading water but actively steering my financial ship towards success.

Investment Categories

I’ve embraced the Core-Satellite mindset, a strategy built on the foundation of two distinct components: Core and Satellites.

Core: Long-Term Stability

  • Long-term investments that focus on increasing positions rather than selling.
  • Limited positions for close and effective monitoring.
  • Individual stocks won’t dominate my portfolio.

Satellites: Strategic Growth Opportunities

  • Purchased during market pessimism (CNN Fear & Greed Index below 20).
  • Sold with a trailing stop loss at -25%.
  • Adjust the stop loss if the value of satellite positions rises by 5%.
  • Restricted to 15% of my portfolio.

Low Volatility Funds and Cash

  • Monthly Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) for stability.
  • Caps at 20% of my total portfolio.
  • Pruned when the CNN Fear & Greed Index falls below 20.
Target Portfolio: Satellite e.g Global Fund 10% – Core Positions 90%

Investment Instruments

Tobinvest AS: Core Position Holder

  • A holding company focusing on core positions.
  • Prioritizes dividend-paying equities for cash needs.
  • Keeps transactions to a minimum.

Wikifolio Global Stock Picking Tobinvest: Certificate of Growth

  • Tradable certificate on the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.
  • Core position with a mix of equities (stocks, ETFs, etc.).
  • New positions start at a minimum of 4% of my portfolio value.
  • Quarterly updates and a stop loss at -25% of the position value.
  • Maintains a fully invested stance, with less than 5% in cash.
  • More info regarding my Wikifolio.

Personal Banking Accounts: My Satellite Focus

  • Concentrates on satellite positions and DCA.
  • Building Low Volatility position and cash holdings